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Ingleborough and Clapham Commons, Craven, North Yorkshire - Archaeological Survey Report

Schofield, Peter and Vannan, Alastair Ingleborough and Clapham Commons, Craven, North Yorkshire - Archaeological Survey Report. Project Report. OA North. (Unpublished)

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Oxford Archaeology North (OA North) were invited by Yorkshire Peat Partnership to
undertake an archaeological landscape survey and an assessment of peat restoration works
on an area of moorland on Ingleborough and Clapham commons in Craven, North
Yorkshire (SD 746 730). The work was undertaken to provide an assessment of the
archaeological impact of this restoration programme. The survey was undertaken as an
enhanced Level 1-type survey over an area of 7.62 km2.
In total, 168 features of archaeological interest were identified across the survey area, and
included a broad range of monuments from prehistoric field-systems and rock art to Iron
Age hillforts and Post-Medieval limekilns.
The sites identified within the survey area during the survey can be divided into six broad
categories: prehistoric settlement and funerary remains; later domestic and stock
management; boundary markers; extraction industries; shooting; and miscellaneous land
use. Most of the sites are difficult to date closely in the absence of additional data from
documentary sources or archaeological excavation, but include a substantial number of
features that have been dated to the prehistoric period; the remainder are most likely to date
to the post-medieval (1540-1750), industrial (1750-1914) or modern periods. Despite
extensive investigation of 10% of the grips and the exposed peat hag sections, no prehistoric
dated flints were retrieved during the present survey.

Item Type: Monograph (Project Report)
Subjects: Geographical Areas > English Counties > North Yorkshire
Divisions: Oxford Archaeology North
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Date Deposited: 24 Feb 2015 11:19
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