OA Library

About the OA Library

The OA Library has been developed by Oxford Archaeology in order to allow us to distribute grey literature client reports and other documents to wider audiences. Oxford Archaeology is committed to a policy of Open Access to archaeological data; this website allows us to disseminate material as widely as possible.

Please note, Oxford Archaeology continues to proudly support the OASIS Project and suggests that readers search their website for reports produced by a wide range of archaeological practitioners. The OA Library is designed to complement OASIS whilst providing a platform with which we can experiment with online knowledge repositories.

Contact Information

Any correspondence concerning this resource should be sent to library@thehumanjourney.net.

OA Library Takedown Policy

The OA Library is an open access repository for grey literature and other reports which OA provides in line with its commitment to the Open Archaeology philosophy.

OA has tried to ensure that no reports in the Library infringe any third party property rights or otherwise infringes applicable laws. Should you discover any content that you believe infringes your rights please email the library team, specifying the URL(s) for the infringing item or items and the grounds for your complaint. These grounds may include unauthorised use, breach of any moral right (integrity/right not to have work subjected to derogatory treatment) and issues on non-intellectual property grounds e.g. defamation, breach of confidence, data protection, etc..

Your complaint will be acknowledged on receipt; the OA Library team will endeavour to make an initial assessment of the validity of the complaint within one working day.

Where grounds for complaint are plausible, the material will be withdrawn from public view.

It may be necessary for us to seek legal advice before the complaint can be fully resolved.

If the complaint is well founded, the material will be permanently withdrawn from the repository, leaving a metadata record and reference to the complaint and resulting action.

The complaint-handling process will result in one of four outcomes:

(i) the report is unchanged and restored to the OA Library;

(ii) the report is restored to the OA Library incorporating changes that address the grounds of the complaint;

(iii) the item is embargoed for an agreed period and then restored to the OA Library;

(iv) the item is permanently removed from the OA Library.

Any queries about this policy should be addressed to the Oxford Archaeology CIO (cio@thehumanjourney.net).