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Saxo-Norman and Medieval Remains at St. Andrews House, Soham, Cambridgeshire: An Archaeological Evaluation

Casa-Hatton, Rebecca (2000) Saxo-Norman and Medieval Remains at St. Andrews House, Soham, Cambridgeshire: An Archaeological Evaluation. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

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Between 20th-24th October 2000, an archaeological evaluation was undertaken on land off High street and Clay Street (St. Andrew's House), Soham, Cambridgeshire (TL 593 731), by staff of the Cambridgeshire County Council Archaeological Field Unit. The work was carried out to satisfy planning conditions in advance of the development of the land.

Four phases of activity/occupation were identified, Prehistoric, Late Saxon to Norman, medieval and post-medieval. Prehistoric activity was represented by a shallow ditch that produced Bronze Age flint debitage. Late Saxon evidence emerged from a boundary ditch which may have represented the rear boundary of properties flanking High Street. The medieval period (13th-16th centuries) is represented by quarrying, post holes, slots and ditches, the later of which may have represented property boundaries.

Item Type: Client Report
Uncontrolled Keywords: Cambridgeshire, Soham, High Street, Clay Street, St. Andrew's House, Prehistoric, Late Saxon, Norman, Early Medieval, Medieval, Post Medieval, Flint Flakes, Bronze Age Ditch, Late Saxon, Pottery, Boundary Ditch, Medieval, Ely Ware, Grimston ware, St. Neots Ware, Stamford Ware, Hedingham Ware, Thetford Grey Ware, Lyveden Stanion, Posthole, Slot, Pit, Gully, post hole, gully, pit, slot, cambridgeshire, soham, high street, clay street, medieval, early medieval, post-medieval, post medieval, pottery, medieval pottery, early medieval pottery, worked flint, lithics, ditch, boundary ditch, bronze age, 179, report 179, Report 179, saxon, norman, saxo-norman, ely ware, thetford grey ware, grimston ware, st neots ware, hedingham ware, property boundary, boundary, quarry, quarry pit
Subjects: Geographical Areas > English Counties > Cambridgeshire
Period > UK Periods > Bronze Age 2500 - 700 BC
Period > UK Periods > Early Medieval 410 - 1066 AD
Period > UK Periods > Medieval 1066 - 1540 AD
Period > UK Periods > Neolithic 4000 - 2200 BC
Period > UK Periods > Post Medieval 1540 - 1901 AD
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