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Allen, Tim and Barclay, Alistair and Cromarty, Anne Marie and Anderson-Whymark, Hugo and Parker, Adrian and Robinson, Mark and Jones, Gillian and Aillaud, S and Ambers, Janet and Anderson, Elizabeth and Berstan, R and Boyle, Angela and Bradley, Philippa and Brown, Kayt and Challinor, Dana and Copley, Mark and Davis, Mary and Doherty, Chris and Durden, Theresa and Evershed, Richard and Hacking, Peter and Hall, S and Hiller, Jon and Jones, John M and Machling, Tessa and Marshall, P D and Mitchel, Nick and Payne, S and Pelling, Ruth and Petts, David and Ramsey, C Bronk and Roe, Fiona and Sheridan, Alison and Straker, Vanessa and Welsh, Ken and Collins, Julia and Kennedy, Hannah and Howarth, Luke and Costello, Mel and Stewardson, Anne and Wallis, Jeff and Patton, Amanda and Pressey, Simon and Lucas, Sarah (2013) Opening the Wood, Making the Land The Archaeology of a Middle Thames Landscape: the Eton College Rowing Course Project and the Maidenhead, Windsor and Eton Flood Alleviation Scheme Volume 1: Mesolithic to early Bronze Age Oxford Archaeology Thames Valley Landscapes Monograph 38 2013. Project Report. Oxford Archaeology.

Allen, Tim and Cramp, Kate and Lamdin-Whymark, Hugo and Webley, Leo Castle Hill Little Wittenham Oxfordshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Allen, Tim and Kennedy, Hannah Archaeological Discoveries on the Junctions 16 to 23 M25. Other. Highways Agency.

Atkins, Robert (2012) Kings Lynn Power Connection. Archaeological Evaluation. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Atkins, Robert and Connor, Aileen (2003) Prehistoric, Roman and Anglo-Saxon Remains at Land off Brandon Road, Thetford: Post-Excavation Assessment Volumes 1 & 2. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Bashford, Robin and Teague, Steve Archaeological Evaluation at Wallingford Police Station Reading Road & Former Police Station, Reading Road, Wallingford, Oxfordshire Excavation Report Wallingford Oxfordshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Bates, Andy (2006) Michlow Drive, Bradwell, Derbyshire. Archaeological Excavation. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Bates, Andy (2004) Site 123, Harrison Coombe, Great Langdale, Cumbria. Archaeological Excavation. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Bates, Martin and Champness, Carl (2011) Cuckmere Haven. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Bedford, William (2005) The Friary, Guildford, Surrey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Bell, Christopher (1994) Sansom's Ford, Standlake, Oxfordshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Black, Tom and Ford, Ben and Stafford, Elizabeth and Milton, Christine and Fellingham, Adam Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Black, Tom Animal Husbandry Land NESCOT Reigate Road Ewell Surrey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Blythe, Kathryn (2009) Aitkon Pipeline, Cumbria. Rapid Desk-based Research and Walkover Survey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Blythe, Kathryn (2004) East Lancashire Paper Mill, Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Blythe, Kathryn and McPhillips, Sean and Gardner, Will (2009) Wilmslow To Alderley Edge, Cheshire- Desk-based Assessment, Walkover and Topographic Surveys. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Booth, Paul Gill Mill Quarry Extension Area 3 and Regrade Area, Ducklington, Oxfordshire Archaeological Evaluation Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Booth, Paul and Challinor, Dana and Cramp, Kate and Edwards, Emily and Evans, Emma-Jayne Prehistoric, Roman and Post-Medieval Settlement at Glyn House, Ewell, Surrey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Brady, Kate and Howsam, Charlotte (2020) Corner Copse Solar Farm, Stanton Fitzwarren, Swindon, Wiltshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Bray, S. and Haley, G. (1993) Archaeological Investigations on the Thetford Aqueduct. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Brown, Fraser (2023) From Ancient Eden to a New Frontier: an Archaeological Journey Along the Carlisle Northern Development Route. UNSPECIFIED. Oxford Archaeology Ltd. (In Press)

Brown, Fraser and Clark, Paul and Dickson, Anthony and Gregory, Richard and Zant, John (2023) From and Ancient Eden to a New Frontier: An Archaeological Journey along the Carlisle Northern Development Route. Technical Report. Oxford Archaeology Ltd, Lancaster.

Brown, Richard and Munby, Julian and Shelley, Andy and Smith, Kirsty and Dodd, Anne and Scott, Ian and Wachnik, Magdalena and Jones, Gary and Stafford, Elizabeth and Rousseaux, Charles (2016) Crossrail Archaeology THE CHANGING FACE OF LONDON HISTORIC BUILDINGS AND THE CROSSRAIL ROUTE & NEW FRONTIER: THE ORIGINS AND DEVELOPMENT OF WEST LONDON FROM BRUNEL TO BRITISH RAIL THE RAILWAY HERITAGE OF THE CROSSRAIL ROUTE. Project Report. Oxford Archaeology, Janus House, Oxford.

Bruce, Thomas and Champness, Carl Former Avlon Works, Avonmouth, South Gloucestershire Geoarchaeological Deposit Model Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Buckley, Andy and Lamdin-Whymark, Hugo Tubney Wood Fyfiled and Tubney Oxon. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Bush, Louise (2017) 98-138 Station Road, Kennett, Cambridgeshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Bush, Louise (2011) Covenham WTW to Boston Transfer. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Bush, Louise (2015) Land off Bury Dyke, Crick, Northamptonshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Carey, Chris and Donnelly, Mike London Gateway Compensation Site A Geoarchaeological assessment of cultural and palaeoenvironmental resources and London Gateway: Compensation Site A Archaeological Trenching. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Casa-Hatton, Rebecca (2002) The Great Fen Project: An Archaeological Desk-based Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Champness, Carl Floating Landing Stages, Cambridgeshire Geoarchaeological Watching Brief Report:. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Champness, Carl (2007) Bexhill to Hastings Link Road. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Chandler, Jon (2003) Cottam Hall Site T, Near Preston, Central Lancashire. Archaeological Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Clark, Paul and Brown, Fraser (2007) Asselby to Pannal Natural Gas Pipeline. Archaeological Evaluation. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Clark, Paul and Foreman, Stuart (2009) The Archaeology of the A30 Bodmin to Indian Queens Road Scheme. Project Report. Oxford Archaeological Unit Ltd.. (Unpublished)

Clarke, Graeme and Greef, Andrew (2018) 45-86 Eastfield, East Chesterton, Cambridge: PXA and UPD. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Cole, Edmund (2022) Earsham Quarry, Norfolk: Area 1. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Connor, Aileen (1999) Land at Buckton Fields, Boughton, Northamptonshire: An Archaeological Desk-Top Study. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Cook, Jo and Bullock, Vicky (2010) Windermere Reflections Stage One. Archaeological and Historical Land Use Resource Assessment for the Windermere Catchment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Cook, Jo and Wearing, Neil (2008) ALSF Aggregate Extraction and the Geoarchaeological Heritage of the Kirkham Moraine. Final Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Davies, Alex and Peacock, Rebecca and Brown, Lisa and Booth, Paul and Cotter, John and Donnelly, Mike and Dungworth, David and Poole, Cynthia and Scott, Ian and Shaffrey, Ruth and Brown, Ben and Rousseaux, Charles and Lawrence, Tom and Allen, Tim and Parsons, Conan and Rousseaux, Charles M2 Junction 5 Improvements, Kent. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Dawson, Jo (2003) Greystoke Moor Plantation, Greystoke Moor, Berrier, Penrith, Cumbria. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment and Rapid Identification Survey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Dawson, Jo and Schofield, Peter (2005) Loscar Farm, Near Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Archaeological Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Dodd, Mark (2022) Land at Gosford, East of Kidlington, Oxfordshire Archaeological Evaluation Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Dodd, Mark and Boothroyd, John Foxbridge, Swindon. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Dodd, Mark Springhill, Southmoor, Oxfordshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Dodds, Dan and Weaver, Steven and Lambert, Neil (2004) RAF Cardington, Bedfordshire: Archaeologicol Evalualion Report, Oxford Archaeology, August 2004, & RAF Cardington Bedfordshire Phase II March 2008. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Donnelly, Mike and Ford, Ben and Teague, Steve Rushey Weir Bampton Oxfordshire & The Excavation of Mesolithic Flint and an Early Medieval Enclosure at Rushey Weir Burcot. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Druce, Denise (2006) Manor House Farm, Rufford, Lancashire. Paleoenvironmental Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Dunn, Paul (2020) Land South of Grange Road, Hugglescote, Leicestershire, Archaeological Evaluation, Strip-Map-and-Record and Watching Brief Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Fairbairn, James (2015) Archaeological field walking and test pit evaluation on Land west of Peterhouse Technology Park, Cherry Hinton. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Fellingham, Adam Hardwick Hill Cemetery Expansion, Banbury. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Ford, Alan (2004) Sonning Eye Quarry, Northern Extension, Caversham, Oxfordshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Frudd, Andrew (2013) Hallsteads,Dove Holes, Buxton, Derbyshire. Archaeological Test Pit Evaluation Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Frudd, Andrew and Parker, Aidan Hallsteads, Dove Holes, Buxton, Archaeological Test Pit Evaluation. [Client Report] (Submitted)


Gajos, Hannah (2004) Site Adjacent to Chester Road, Warrington, Cheshire. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Gilmour, Nick (2012) Lincoln Water Treatment Works, Newton on Trent, Lincolnshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Gilmour, Nick (2015) Mesolithic to Post-medieval archaeology on the route of the Chelmsford Effluent Pipeline, Essex. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Green, M. (2013) Phase 1 evaluation at Meddler Stud, Kentford. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Haskins, Anthony and Phillips, Tom (2021) Mesolithic to post-medieval activity at Bartlow Road, Linton, Cambridgeshire: PXA and UPD. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Haskins, Anthony (2012) A Late Mesolithic/Early Neolithic flint scatter on the Collyweston, Northamptonshire to Ketton, Leicestershire Pipeline. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Haskins, Anthony (2018) Bourn Airfield. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Haskins, Anthony (2016) Little Melton to Hethersett pipeline: Strip, Map and Sample excavation and watching brief across Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval Norfolk: PXA and UPD. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Haskins, Anthony (2014) Prehistoric landscape at the new agricultural reservoir, Rosedene Farm, Methwold. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Haskins, Anthony and Morgan, Stephen and Billington, Lawrence (2018) Little Melton to Hethersett pipeline Strip, Map and Sample excavation and watching brief across Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval Norfolk: full report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Hatton, Andrew and Last, Jonathan (1997) Prehistoric Lithics from the Gog Magog Golf Course, Stapleford. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Haworth, Pip (2007) Scout Moor Wind Farm, Rochdale- Watching Brief. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Healey, Chris (2006) Land at Bank Farm, Martin Lane, Burscough, Lancashire. Archaeological Evaluation. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Hinman, Mark (1999) Granhams Farm Golf Course Neolithic to Medieval: the Archaeological Landscape Surrounding Granhams Farm, from Nine Wells to Hinton Way, Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Howsam, Charlotte (2021) Dewar’s Farm Quarry Extension, Ardley, Oxfordshire Archaeological Evaluation Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Jarosz-Blackburn, Rebecca (2015) Land South of Worlington Road Mildenhall: Stage 2. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Johns, Rob Waterloo Connection, Southfleet, Kent Archaeological Evaluation Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Kemp, S. N. (1999) A Middle Iron Age Site at Granta Park, Great Abington, Cambridgeshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Kemp, S. N. (1998) Archaeological desk-based assessment for March Library (TL4159/9668). [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Kemp, Steve (1993) A45: Girton to Stow cum Quy. Field Walking Programme. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Kemp, Steve (1995) English Heritage Field Walking Programme Tiled House Farm, Streatham. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Kenney, Jane (1995) Holcombe Moor Training Centre, Bury, Greater Manchester. Archaeological Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Kenney, S. and Hatton, Andrew (2000) Prehistoric Remains on the New Waitrose Site, Hauxton Road, Cambridge: An Archaeological Evaluation TL 4450/5456. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Kwiatkowska, Malgorzata (2023) Land off Ellen Aldous Avenue, Hadleigh, Suffolk: PXA and UPD. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Ladd, Stuart (2019) Land East of New Road, Melbourn, Cambridgeshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Ladd, Stuart (2018) Land East of New Road, Melbourn, Cambridgeshire: PXA and UPD. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Ladd, Stuart (2016) Post-medieval Ditches and Furrows and Undated Postholes, Bennell Farm, Comberton, Cambridgeshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Lawrence, Steve and Smith, Alex and Allen, Leigh and Albarella, Umberto and Barclay, Alistair and Booth, Paul and Brady, Kate and Canti, Matthew and Challinor, Dana and Cook, Gordon and Cool, H E M and Cramp, Kate and Davenport, Peter and Edwards, Emily and Evans, Emma-Jayne and Griffiths, Seren and Hamilton, W Derek and Hardy, Alan and Hatton, Gareth and Henig, Martin and Jackson, Dennis and King, Cathy and Lamdin-Whymark, Hugo and Marshall, Peter and McCormac, Gerry and Moffett, Lisa and Mould, Quita and Muir, Jeff and Nicholson, Rebecca and Poole, Cynthia and Bronk Ramsey, Christopher and Robinson, Mark and Scott, Ian and Shaffrey, Ruth and Strid, Lena and Timby, Jane and Tomlin, Roger and Webley, Leo and Williams, Robert and Witkin, Annsofie and Lorimer, Peter and Lorimer, Rosalyn and Dylewski, Markus and Lucas, Sarah and Moxham, Julia and Norman, Lucy and Wachnik, Magdalena (2009) Between Villa and Town Excavations of a Roman roadside settlement and shrine at Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire Oxford Monograph 7. Project Report. Oxford Archaeology, Oxford.

Leader, Paul Barrack Block Trench, Hampton Court Palace. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Lee, Tony (2005) Ditton Rail Freight Park, Widnes, Cheshire- Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Lee, Tony (2006) Land at Halsnead Park, Knowsley, Merseyside. Archaeological Desk-based Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Leech, Steve and Teague, Steve and Ford, Ben Crane Platform Rushey Weir Bampton Oxfordshire & The Excavation of Mesolithic Flint and an Early Medieval Enclosure at Rushey Weir Burcot. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Leech, Steve University of Reading Land north-east of Didcot Oxfordshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Macaulay, Stephen (2001) Cambridgeshire Earthworks Report - 2001. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Macaulay, Stephen (1999) Cloverfield Drive, Soham: An Archaeological Desktop Study. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Malim, Tim Fulbourn Manor Estate: An Archaeological Survey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Malim, Tim The Sconce, March Civil War Fortifications. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Mason, Neal (2018) Former Perkins Engines Site, Newark Road, Fengate, Peterborough: PXA and UPD. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Matthews, Bryan and Ford, Ben Delta Works, Millmarsh Lane, Enfield, London ARCHAEOLOGICAL EVALUATION REPORT NGR TQ 3660 9720 MLM 00 © OXFORD ARCHAEOLOGICAL UNIT April 2001. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Mayes, Andrew (2003) Drayton Road, Sutton Courtenay, Oxfordshire, Post Excavation Assessment and Research Design. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

McAlley, Rowan and Ford, Ben and Teague, Steve (2009) Rushey Weir, Oxfordshire & The Excavation of Mesolithic Flint and an Early Medieval Enclosure at Rushey Weir Burcot. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

McPhillips, Sean (2005) Thornton Hough WwTw to Bromborough WwTW Merseyside. Archaeological Evaluation and Watching Brief. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Mercer, Emily (2004) Pilot Survey of Historic Settlement Patterns in Weardale, County Durham, Archaeological Project Brief. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Mercer, Emily (2012) Clock Garage, Preston New Road, Peel, Lancashire: Archaeological Watching Brief. [Client Report] (Submitted)

Miller, Ian (2006) The River Terrace, Caton, Lancashire Archaeological Excavation Assessment Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Mitchell, Callum Clacken Arches Farm, Scotsgrove Hill, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Moan, Patrick (2018) Norwich Northern Distributor Road, Norfolk. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Moan, Patrick (2017) Romano-British Roadside Settlement and Burial at East View Close, Radwinter, Essex. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Moon, Kevin Land West of Shottery Stratford-Upon-Avon Warwickshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Moore, John Stanwick, Northants Archaeological Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Mudd, Andrew (1994) 335/341 High Street Sutton, Surrey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Neil, Nigel (1998) Great Hill Wind Farm Site Near Calderbrook, Greater Manchester. Archaeological Assessment Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Neil, Nigel (1998) Great Hill Wind Farm Site Near Calderbrook, Greater Manchester. Archaeological Assessment Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Newman, Caron and Wild, Chris (1999) Deerplay Colliery, Lancashire. Archaeological Assessment Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Norton, Andrew and McAlley, Rowan Poyle House Slough Berkshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


OAU, OAU (1992) A40 Witney - Cassington Dualling An Archaeological Evaluation 1991/92. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

OAU, OAU Excavations at Park Farrn, Binfield, Berkshire, 1990. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

OAU, OAU Hartley Court Farm, Great Lea, Shinfield, Reading, Berkshire, Archaeological Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

OAU, OAU Junction 8 MSA Development Hollingbourne. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

OAU, OAU South Hinksey, Hinksey Hill Farm. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

OAU, OAU The Eton College Rowing Lake, Dorney, South Buckinghamshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

OAU, OAU (2015) The changing landscape of the Thames floodplain. UNSPECIFIED.

Oakey, N. and Kemp, Steve (1996) An Archaeological Assessment at Barford Road, Eynsbury. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Oxford Archaeology, Oxford Archaeology (2019) Managing Lithic Scatters. UNSPECIFIED. (Submitted)

Oxford-Wessex, Archaeology (2017) Digging at the Gateway from prehistory to Caesar and beyond. The archaeology of the East Kent Access Road, Thanet. Other. Oxford-Wessex Archaeology.


Parkinson, Andrew Harrietsham Mesolithic, Harrietsham, Kent Archaeological Evaluation Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Peacock, Rebecca Land at Broad Oak Farm and Sturry Kent. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Pickard, Chris Salisbury Gateway Southampton Road Salisbury Wiltshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Rees, Gareth (2010) Prehistoric Fen Edge Activity at the Sutton Gault Irrigation Reservoir Extension. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Roberts, Judith (1996) Iron Age Activity at Town Farm, Whaddon. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Roberts, Mark East Park Farm, Charvil. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Robinson Zeki, Leanne (2019) Wellcome Genome Campus Development Project, Hinxton, Cambridgeshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Rutherford, Mairead (2018) Beck Burn Wind Farm, Solway Moss, Cumbria - Palaeoenvironmental Analysis Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Schofield, Peter (2010) Skipwith Common North Yorkshire Phase 3. Airfield Survey and Archaeological Landscape Survey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Schofield, Peter (2005) Uplands Initiative Field Projects 2004-5. North Berwyn (North) Survey Area. North Wales. Archaeological Survey Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Score, Dave (1996) Central Area Pumping Stations: Maidenhead to Bray Rising Main. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Scott, Andrea and Elsworth, Dan (2000) Ballafayle, Bride, Isle of Man. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Simmonds, Andrew and Meara, Hefin and Welsh, Ken and Allison, Enid and Biddulph, Edward and Booth, Paul and Challinor, Dana and Clough, Sharon and Cook, Gordon and Druce, Denise and Goodburn, Damian and Griffiths, Seren and Heatley, Leo and Hunter, Kathryn and Keys, Lynne and Miles, Daniel and Mould, Quita and Mullin, David and Parker, Adrian G and Mairead, Rutherford and Scott, Ian and Shaffrey, Ruth and Stafford, Elizabeth and Stansbie, Daniel and Strid, Lena and Thacker, Gerry and Webb, Helen and Collins, Julia and Dylewski, Markus and Wachnik, Magdalena and Lucas, Sarah (2013) Evaluations: A421 Improvements:M1 Junction 13 to Bedford & Berry Farm Borrow Area:Evaluation Report & Whitbred Borrow Area: Evaluation Report Monograph = The Iron Age and Roman landscape of Marston Vale, Bedfordshire Investigations along the A421 Improvements, M1 Junction 13 to Bedford Oxford Monograph 19. Project Report. Oxford Archaeology, Oxford.

Simmonds, Andrew and Wenban-Smith, Frances and Bates, Martin and Powell, Kelly and Sykes, Dan and Devaney, Rebecca and Stansbie, Daniel and Score, David and Biddulph, Edward and Blinkhorn, Paul and Booth, Paul and Boston, Ceridwen and Brown, Lisa and Challinor, Dana and Clough, Sharon and Cotter, John and Crowther, John and Druce, Denise and Howarth, Luke and Keys, Lynne and Lamdin-Whymark, Hugo and Macphail, Richard and Marquez-Grant, Nicholas and Mullin, David and Nicholson, Rebecca and Parfitt, Simon and Pelling, Ruth and Penkman, Kirsty and Poole, Cynthia and Schwenninger, Jean-Luc and Scott, Ian and Shaffrey, Ruth and Smith, Wendy and Stafford, Elizabeth and Strid, Lena and Verrill, Lucy and White, Tom and Whittaker, John E and Cockin, Guy (2011) Excavations in North-West Kent, 2005-2007 One hundred thousand years of human activity in and around the Darent valley Evaluation M25 J 1b- 3 Rapid Widening S cheme Treatment Pond 3. Project Report. Oxford Archaeology South.

Simmonds, Andrew and Boardman, Sheila and Crann, Geraldine and Hayden, Chris and Shaffrey, Ruth and Hughes, Vix Evaluation phase 1 see https://library.thehumanjourney.net/5649/ Evaluation phase 2 Land off Standard Hill/ Highfield St Hugglescote Leicestershire Excavation of mounds Early and Middle Bronze Age Burnt Mounds at Hugglescote, Coalville, Leicestershire Andrew Simmonds. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Simmonds, Andrew and Cook, Sharon and Biddulph, Edward and Score, David (2009) Archaeology in the Park Excavations at Jennett's Park, Bracknell, Berkshire. [Client Report]

Sims, Mike A612 Gedling Transport Improvemnet Scheme Nottinghamshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Sparks, Lee and Shaffrey, Ruth Fernwood Extension North, Newark, Nottinghamshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Stafford, Elizabeth and Barclay, Alistair and Barnett, Catherine and Biddulph, Edward and Bishop, Barry John and Crowther, John and Druce, Denise and Foreman, Stuart and Haggart, Andrew and Macphail, Richard and McKinley, Jacqueline and Meddens, Frank and Mepham, Lorraine and Nicholson, Rebecca and Peglar, Sylvia and Pelling, Ruth and Rayner, Louise and Rhodes, Edward and Sheridan, Alison and Smith, David and Strid, Lena and Thompson, Charlotte and Whittaker, John Landscape and Prehistory of the East London Wetlands Investigations along the A13 DBFO Roadscheme, Tower Hamlets, Newham and Barking and Dagenham, 2000-2003. Project Report. Oxford Archaeology.

Stansbie, Daniel and Booth, Paul and Simmonds, Andrew and Diez, Valérie and Griffiths, Seren and Bridgman, Rebecca and Brown, Lisa and Cotter, John and Devaney, Rebecca and Druce, Denise and Howarth, Luke and Marquez-Grant, Nicholas and Mullin, David and Nicholson, Rebecca and Poole, Cynthia and Scott, Ian and Shaffrey, Ruth and Smith, Wendy and Stern, Ben and Strid, Lena and Webley, Leo and Bashford, Daniel and Kennedy, Hannah and Lamb, Sophie and Lucas, Sarah and Wachnik, Magdalena (2012) From Mesolithic to Motorway The archaeology of the M1 (Junction 6a-10) Widening Scheme, Hertfordshire Oxfrod Monograph 14. Project Report. Oxford Archaeology, Oxford.


Tannahill, Rob and Pomeroy-Kellinger, Melanie (2006) Swindon Gateway, Coate, Swindon, Wiltshire. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Taylor, Alison Chippenham/Kennett Borrow Pits, 1992: An Archaeological Desktop Study. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Taylor, Alison and Wait, Gerry Medieval Settlement at Pratt Street, Soham. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Thacker, Gerry and Packard, Chris Buckton Fields West, Northampton. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Thatcher, Chris (2008) Multi-period excavation at New Road, Chatteris. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Thatcher, Chris (2009) Iron Age Settlement at Wesleyan Road, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Tibber, Jessica (1996) Silk Stream Flood Alleviation Scheme, Bury Farm, London Borough of Barnet. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Timby, Jane and Brown, Richard and Biddulph, Edward and Hardy, Alan and Powell, Andrew (2007) A Slice of Rural Essex: Recent archaeological discoveries from the A120 between Stansted Airport and Braintree. UNSPECIFIED. Oxford Wessex Archaeology.

Tinsley, Adam (2014) Croston Flood Alleviation Scheme, Croston, Lancashire - Watching Brief. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Vannan, Alastair (2008) Wilton to St Bees, Whitehaven, Cumbria, Desk-Based Assessment and Walkover Survey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Vannan, Alastair (2011) Dunham Tank to Knutsford Pipeline, Greater Manchester and Cheshire: Watching Brief, Evaluation, and Strip and Record Investigation. [Client Report] (Submitted)

Vannan, Alastair and Murray, Elizabeth (2009) Frodsham Rail Connection, Frodsham, Cheshire. Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment, Walkover and Topographic Surveys, and Watching Brief. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Watson, Kit (1992) Longstanton to Bluntisham Pipeline 1991: An Archaeological Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Weaver, Steven (2003) Thetford Southern Link Road, Route Option B, Phase I - Fieldwalking, Metal-detecting and Geophysical Survey. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Wegiel, Becky and Bullock, Vicki (2009) Padfield to Harrop Edge Reservoir Pipeline, Derbyshire and Greater Manchester- Archaeological Desk-Based Research, Walkover and Topographic Surveys, Strip and Record Investigation and Watching Brief. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Welsh, Ken (1993) Excavations at Bran Ditch, 1993: An Interim Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Welsh, Ken Station Road to Church Lane, Sellindge, Kent Archaeological Evaluation Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Wright, James (1996) Drigg Characterisation Boreholes, Cumbria. Archaeological Assessment. [Client Report] (Unpublished)


Zant, John (2013) A66 (Package A) Road Improvement Scheme, Greta Bridge to Scotch Corner. Archaeological Archive Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

Zant, John (2002) Rickergate Carlisle. Post-Excavation Assessment Report. [Client Report] (Unpublished)

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